21 nov. 2007

Auction analysis : Rembrandt reviewed

On October 26, a portrait copper plate 23.7 x17 cm announced cautiously as from a follower of Rembrandt made 2.2 million pounds in Norcote, England, at Allen Moore & Innocent (English company specializing in residential sales), from an estimate ridiculous . The possibility was raised that it is a self-portrait of Rembrandt, this view goes against that of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
The site www.latribunedelart.com indicates other recent similar cases, and shows figures to support that 2.2 million pounds was below the normal price of a Rembrandt. If we consider as I do it that no price at auction is absurd, we can deduce that the expert opinion is not or is no longer the only thing that counts in the price, and that painting of anonymous or controversial origine may make attractive price provided that the work is vintage and of good workmanship.
I am aware that this view runs against what I saw in specialized databases, where the main entrance is the artist's name, and where "attributed to" are essentially treated as pollution.
(first posted with the French version on Oct 31)