25 nov. 2007

Auction marks 2008 : Bonhams, Antiquorum, Riemenschneider, Banksy, Poiret, &c

Bonhams was the first to announce a special sale for 2008: automobiles in Paris on February 9 at the Retromobile Fair. The arrival of Bonhams on the Parisian market is a novelty. (SOLD top price 2,1 M€ before fees a Mercedes Benz supercharged Torpedo roadster of 1928).

While the major houses book their dates for 2008, let us review the first detailed information reaching us:

Sotheby's New York sells on January 24 a wooden sculpture of Riemenschneider, good size (104 cm). Such a rare lot is priceless. The estimate (carefully?) 4 M $ (SOLD 5.6 M$ before fees).

On February 5, Bonhams London devotes an entire sale to urban art (transposed on canvas), featuring the controversial new artist, Banksy, who could reject the late Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring into the have been. (SOLD "Laugh now", spencil spray paint on painted board, 107x604 cm, 190 K£ before fees ; one element of same character, 43x43 cm, 62 K£ before fees)
A sale to be followed, not considering the low estimates which, as with any real innovation, are not really meaningful. And do not call any more "contemporary art" those by artists who died twenty years ago!

On January 30, Bonhams London organize a South African art sale dominated by two paintings of Irma Stern estimated 300 and 250 K £. The first, a tribal portrait whose format has not yet been announced by the auction house, should be the highest price for the artist, over a less typed portrait.
SOLD: paintings by Irma Stern: three ethnic portraits were sold £ 280, 240 and 230 K, a still life £ 320 K and a scene of grape pickers £ 180 K. These prices are before fees.

Kolkata, India: Inaugural sale of Indian art mid February, by Emami Chisel Art. (details in article dated February 10).


Beaussant Lefèvre sells Feb. 14 about thirty dresses and various consignments from the wife of Paul Poiret. (SOLD a coat 80 K€ before fees).

Antiquorum is the largest specialized auction house. Program 2008 of their sales of watches:
Geneva, 15 & March 16 (SOLD before fees : 300 KFS a Patek-Philippe Ref 2499, 210 KFS a platinum watch by Lange, 200 KFS a ultra-complicated by Gerald Genta, 200 KFS an erotic automated box, 140 KFS a singing bird cage by Jaquet Droz)
and 10 and May 11 (SOLD 430 KFS before fees a wristwatch by F. P. Journe assembled in 2007).
Hong Kong 7 & 8 June. (SOLD 2,15 MHK$ before fees a Patek Philippe of 2006).
New York on June 18. (SOLD 560 K$ before fees a Patek Philippe made in 2007).
Thematic sale in New York, 17 & April 18 : ROLEX sport watch. (see column dated February 17).