21 nov. 2007

National artists in national auctions

The United States and Britain have in the art market a global vision. This approach is actively supported by the big auction houses: Sotheby's, Christie's, Bonhams.
The other countries second their artists, their furniture, their collectible items with a narrow field of view. It must come as no surprise that there is a huge gap between the art market of the two major English-speaking countries mentioned above and all others including France.
Each country has also of course internationally recognized artists. Similarly, for example, the United States have some great artists which they believe have universal impact and who are unknown to the rest of the world. A good entry point for the Americans is the database AskART ™.
These local artists deserve to be studied outside their national boundaries. For that purpose, let us identify future sales of their major works. Identify also significant records.
Current sales from Canada, always relayed by the press, make me start with this country:
On 19 November, Ritchies will present in association with Sotheby's in Toronto a sketch in oil by Tom Thomson estimated 400 K Canadian dollars.
On November 23, Heffel present also in Toronto seven paintings by Lawren Harris, estimated between 125 K and 800 K Canadian dollars and four paintings by Tom Thomson between 350 and 750 K Canadian dollars.
Dubai: a good place for artists of the Middle East: The Lebanese Chaouki Chamoun was celebrated for his canvas sold 120 K $ at Christie's.
Please keep me informed of other works to come in the sales of all countries, in those price ranges, from artists completely unknown in France.
(first posted with the French version : Nov 2)