21 nov. 2007

Paintings by Miro & Gris soon at auction at Drouot

The auction house Aguttes ad for Dec. 21 ten works by Miro, Picasso, Gris, Laurens, Leger (advertising, La Gazette de l'Hotel Drouot No. 40). Among them two oils of Miro and one of Gris are important works for these artists. We are pleased that they are presented in Paris, while noting that if it had been a sale of merchant parties they could have flown to Anglo-Saxon countries.
It will be an exciting opportunity to compare prices of Paris and Sotheby's, because other works of similar styles were sold recently in this auction house, in all three cases :

Blue Star, an oil on canvas from 1927, 116x89 cm, estimated 5 to 7 million € (sold 9,35 M€ hammer)
Le Cheval de cirque, same technique, same year, 130x97 cm, sold for the equivalent of 6.2 million € premium included on May 8, 2007 in New York.

L'Oiseau, an oil on canvas from 1926, 73x92 cm, estimated 2.5 to 3 million € (sold 5 M€ hammer)
Peinture, same technique, same size, same year, sold for the equivalent of € 3.1 million premium included on June 19, 2007 in London.

For both Miros, the estimate seems fair.

Le Joueur de guitare, an oil on canvas from 1918, 100x65 cm, estimated 1.5 to 2 million € (sold 1,75 M€ hammer)
Bouteille de Beaune et compotier, an oil on canvas from 1917, 61x38 cm, sold for the equivalent of € 1.7 million premium included on November 7, 2006 in New York.
The dimensions play for Drouot, the estimate seems low.