21 nov. 2007

Sample of art market analysis at auction

Antoine Jean Gros 1771-1835
Painter and draftsman.

For supporting an estimate three categories are distinguished in the work of Gros: Napoleon, portrait and mythology.

Two important paintings in this category in 20 years:
Napoleon full size (208x130 cm): Christie's London 4 7 2005, 1.35 million pounds (1.95 million euros) including premium.
Napoleon in action on the battlefield (104x152): Chassaing Rivet Fournié, Toulouse 15 2 88, 4 MF hammer. It was a modello for a painted displayed in the Louvre.
A drawing of the same subject (Eylau) (11x17) made 68 k € at Piasa on 22 3 2006. It was adorned on the back of various indications and a topographical sketch, making this object something exceptional compared with other drawings of the artist.
An oil of a follower of Gros, also Eylau (140x209), made 47 K € in Osenat, Fontainebleau 3 7 2005, another with the same characteristics and dimensions (probably the same), found in my personal documentation, had done before 11.6 K €, in Milliarède in Lyon on 19 9 2004.

(145 x115): Rouillac Cheverny 11 6 2006 500 K € hammer price, good results for this class, but he had the honor of drafting an article in a full page inthe Gazette de l'Hôtel Drouot (2006 No. 22 page 139)
(73 x59): Lelièvre Maîche Paris, Chartres 24 3 1996 1550 KF hammer price.
Charles X (81x65): Ader Tajan, Paris, 15 12 1993 750 KF
An equestrian portrait found in my personal documentation, identified as a follower of Gros (260x190): Rouillac Vendôme, succession Fesneault, 23 to 25 6 1990 720 KF hammer price.
Another portrait (97x75), expected 400 K € in Piasa in 2005, had no chance to sell at that price. It had been presented prominently in the Gazette of the Hotel Drouot (2005 No 24, page 45).
A work only assigned, but of good dimensions (112x91) made 22 K € in Paris in 2007.

(183 x226): Christie's New York, 19 5 1993 200 K $
The Charlemagne unsold at Fontainebleau in 2005 is no doubt the same (found in my documentation), which got 90 K € hammer price at Coutau-Bégarie, Paris 1 7 2004.

The authentic large paintings are rare on the market, and there is no reason to consider a change in the prices over years.
For Napoleon, consider both results above and adjust the price, taking into account the dimensions.
For portraits, the size is also paramount. The undeniable charm of the young woman of 23 years of the portrait of Chartres offsets the medium size, and the prestigious collection of the equestrian portrait offsets the fact that it is not formally attributed to the master. A sale at Fontainebleau, where Osenat specializes in the Empire, is better than a sale in Lyon, at least for a work unsigned and so being hardly advertisable.
For an ordinary signed portrait, drawing or painting of small size, count 10 to 12 k € maximum. Same thing for the small mythological subjects.
Other subjects: the prices do not differ in relation to other artists of the time.
Apart works very important, Gros is nonexistent on the international scene. If a usual work of him is sold abroad it is a good deal.
(first posted with the French version on November 3)