16 déc. 2007

Auction marks 2008 : coins and orders in New York

The company La Galerie Numismatique of Lausanne, Switzerland, is organizing one auction a year. The next will take place on January 13 at Waldorf Astoria in New York. Without press release or synthetic, I watched the 1028 numbers of their beautiful catalog of Coins, medals and orders.
In terms of numismatic items price is governed by rarity, size and condition.
We shall then follow with interest what will happen with four lots that we particularly noticed:

At number 90, a small aureus (3.68 g) of the emperor Aemilian. Considered by the catalog as the only known of its kind, it is expected to reach $ 50000. (UNSOLD). In the same sale, the larger aureus listed are regularly expected between $ 5000 and $ 6000.

At number 382, an 8 escudos of Ferdinand VII of Spain in superb condition (1818, 27 g), none other sample being known to the author of the catalog. Estimated 90000 $. (UNSOLD).
Here the comparison will be with another number of the same catalog, the 384: later coin (1871) and almost superb, and with a big stupidity concerning reign date in the catalog, this piece of 100 pesetas of Amadeo I is estimated $ 60000, while 25 copies are known. (SOLD 140 K$ before fees). The low price difference compared to the unique 382 could perhaps be explained by the fact that the brief troubled reign of Amadeo surely hits more the Spanish people than Ferdinand's.

The sale includes a very nice set of Russian coins and orders. Based on recent results in Paris, the success in this category is guaranteed in advance. So I prefer to refer to the number 1014, a Grand Cross of the Order of Osmania (Turkey), large-format (10.8 cm diameter), estimated at $ 10000. (UNSOLD).

Pierre Tavlitzki, ArtHitParade