27 janv. 2008

Auction tracking : Nevelson, pirates, a dinosaur, Ferrari, Mercedes, Bernard Leach and Mitterrand being moved


Tajan announce for April 16 a painted wooden sculpture by Louise Nevelson. Not only this artist is very rare in French sales, but in addition it is large (2.16 meters tall). In similar dimensions, a more elegant scupture was paid at Sotheby's New York K $ 529 fee included on November 15, 2007. This work was sold at 2.5 times its high estimate, which shows its rarity. Another sculpture sold $ 264 K costs included by Sotheby's New York on May 16, 2007 exploded also its estimation; it was apparently close to that which is coming at Tajan. (Sale delayed to April 29) (UNSOLD)

An Eve with Apple of Maillol in a 58 cm high bronze casted by Alexis Rudier will be sold by Anaf in Lyons on February 11. A work of the same description had been at $ 300 K (without fees?) at Christie's in New York on May 10, 2001. The estimate at Lyons looks low (60 K €). (SOLD 162 K€).

A panorama in oil by Adolphe Bachman, waited in Lille at Mercier for Feb. 10, is interesting by its subject (St. Sophia in the distance beyond the Bosphorus), and its large-format (54x152 cm). Another low estimate: 15 K €. (RESULT not available).


In the maritime sale of Christie's New York on Jan. 30, a single work is represented in the press release but it is a strong composition worthy of note: Night suspect, a painting by Montague Dawson lot 358, 101x127 cm (150 K $). With a different look, but equally troubling, another oil on canvas of the same size by this British painter was sold at K $ 508 fee included in the same place on July 27, 2006; that of this month seems to be very under-rated. (SOLD 241 K$ ; another painting of same artist 229 K$, both premium included).
For the same price (150 K $), a painting by James Edward Buttersworth (52x66 cm, lot 280) is smaller and older. This artist got higher prices for works by more original composition.(UNSOLD)
The very open estimate of a beautiful sunset by William Bradford (120 K $ 180 K $ high estimate, lot 277, 45x76 cm) also leaves hope for overtaking. (SOLD 217 K$ premium included).


RM Auctions announces as ever some exceptional pieces for their sales in Maranello, whose next edition will be held on May 18 in association with Sotheby's: two copies of the Ferrari 250 California Spyders, one Rosso and the other Nero, are estimated 4 M $. The announcement did not make it clear whether this price is for each or for the couple. (for each of them, Feb 10). (SOLD including fees, the Rosso 2,4 M€ and the Nero 7 M€). A prototype of Ferrari Pinin 1980, estimate not provided, pleases fans of the mark: it is announced as the only four-door Ferrari ever built. (SOLD 176 K€ including fees).

One of 5 Mercedes C-11 (1990, in collaboration with the designer Sauber) appears on January 29 in Miami in a judicial sale. The bid price, at Hunton & Williams, is $ 2125 K. (SOLD 2 M $, probably before fees).
One of 6 Mercedes C-9, also with Sauber, 1989, is the top lot from the sale of Bonhams in Paris on February 9. Bonhams has ensured the cooperation of one of the pilots of this car to present it at the sale (1.5 M €). (UNSOLD)


We had already reported that Tajan prepare a tribute sale to Sottsass. Pierre Bergé and Associates do the same on 22 April in Brussels. (SOLD 60 K€ before fees a meuble-bar).

We see a lot of ads for charity sales. One of them, organized by Bonhams London on February 26, holds our attention because it is done in favour of the Leach Pottery Restoration Project, whose project is to open to the public the workshop of one of the most important potters of last century, Bernard Leach. (no result higher than 2.3 K£).

In the sale of photos of Phillips de Pury in London on May 17 will be presented a picture of Mayakovsky by Rodchenko (200 K£). (SOLD 63 K£ including fees). In New York on April 8 by the same house: a torso by Drtikol (60 K$). (SOLD 67 K$).

Encouraged by the success of its similar auction last year, Christie's organizes April 16 in Paris a sale of paleontology conducted drum beating (picture it!) by a three horned triceratops skeleton 7.50 meters long (500 K €). It will be exhibited avenue Matignon from March 8, making it already the star of Parisian spring sales, with extensive media ensured, (UNSOLD at auction, SOLD 590 K€ the day after), thus following in the footsteps (yes!) of the beautiful mammoth of last year.


The organization of highlights exhibition is a Best Practice. Note, on the occasion of the Fashion Week, the exhibition of the highlights of the season by Phillips de Pury in New York from 1 to 12 February.

Poly Auction Company in Beijing are preparing for the end of March an exhibition of One Hundred Years of Chinese paintings. The works will be auctioned by the house.


Announcing they expect for croods Tajan informed that the sale of the personal effects of François Mitterrand, January 29, will take place at the Espace Tajan and not at the Hotel Drouot. This is an opportunity for me to observe that for my taste the Espace Tajan is the most beautiful auction room in Paris.
(Top sale: 8 K € before fees for an attorney dress; Mitterrand has not penetrated into the category of historical memories, we can forget this auction)

On March 19, at Drouot, Pierre Bergé & Associates sells the library devoted to Napoleon and the Empire by Dominique de Villepin. (SOLD 28 K€ before fees a décret handwritten by Napoléon).

Pierre Tavlitzki