10 févr. 2008

Auction tracking : Asia, Asia, Asia again, and a flag from the U.S. Civil war


1,400 lots will be sold from 8 to 11 April by Sotheby's in Hong Kong, covering the various categories of Far Eastern art.
The names to keep in mind are:
For modern painting: Liu Xiaodong (a monumental nine pairs of political paintings executed in 2004) (SOLD 62 MHK$) and older, a view of the Forbidden City by Guo Bochuan (30 MHK$), (SOLD 27 MHK$) and scenes and landscapes by Zhang Daqian (4 and 2.5 MHK$) (SOLD 8.4 and 3 MHK$) and Li Keran (3 MHK$). (SOLD 6.15 MHK$).
Among Westerners: Belgian painter Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès, who is for the Far East a bit like Dinet is to North Africa (1.9 MHK$). (SOLD two paintings 5 and 3 MHK$).
Among a large collection of Vietnamese art: Le Pho (SOLD maximum 2.4 MHK$), Vu Cao Dam (SOLD 2 MHK$) and Mai Trung Thu (SOLD 463 KHK$) are well known in French sales, we will come back to them when the catalog is available.
Elsewhere in the sale: an Imperial flower pot (40 $ MHK), (SOLD 40 MHK$), a Song vase (55 $ MHK), (SOLD 67 MHK$), a necklace of 91 carats of diamonds (26 MHK$), (SOLD 42 MHK$), a suite of orange-yellow pearls, and a sophisticated Patek Philippe 5002P Sky Moon Tourbillon watch of a 2001 model (8 MHK$). (SOLD 11.7 MHK$).
Results include fees.

The works most prominent in the Kolkata sale by Emami Chisel on February 23 are three fantastic paintings: a character from Tyeb Mehta (150x103 cm, 40 MRs) (SOLD 40 MRs), an equally strange acrylic by MF Husain (318x168 cm, 20 MRs) (SOLD 40 MRs), and a gloomy manor house by FN Souza (122x61 cm, 15 MRs) (SOLD 15 MRs). The work unknown in Europe of these figurative artists from India have a considerable margin of progress in the auctions.
These prices do not include fees.

FN Souza is also (121x99 cm, 880 KDh) in the Dubai sale by Bonhams on March 3. (SOLD 380 K$ before fees). Beside it : a Bird and mountain almost abstract by another regular artist of such sales, Jagdish Swaminathan (120x90 cm, 920 KDh). (SOLD 220 K$ before fees). Some transcendental abstract paintings are rated slightly higher than those mentioned above, we will check carefully the results. (SOLD 900 K$ before fees : a work by Farhad Moshiri, 176x155x8 cm).

Acclimatise to these currencies above, which are those of the emerging countries!

A dagger which belonged to Shah Jahan will be sold by Bonhams in London on April 10 ( 300 K£). (SOLD 1.7 M£).


Est-Ouest Auctions, which sold a glass piece of Gallé for 205 million yen on July 21 2007, announced for March 8 and 9 a glass cup with dragonflies of the same glassmaker. (?) We mention also their sale of Japanese and Occidental art of April 4 (including a bucolic meadows by Pissarro, 54x65 cm), (SOLD 145 M yen) announced in advertisements in La Gazette de l'Hotel Drouot, and for which the information is not yet visible on their site.


LiveAuctioneers announced for the sale of February 21 to 23 at Richard D. Hatch & Associates a flag of the Confederate army (150 K $).(UNSOLD)