23 mars 2008

Auction tracking, March 23, 2008


I return on the sale of Cornette de Saint-Cyr at Drouot Montaigne on April 5, with the estimates for Stella (Lot 40, 900 K €),(UNSOLD), Penck (Lot 73, 120 K €), (UNSOLD) and Kiefer (Lot 76, 300 K € ). (UNSOLD). I add now a large Lovescape by Erro (200x300 cm, lot 18, 300 K €), (SOLD 300 K€ before fees), and a complete Campbell's Soup portfolio of 1968 by Warhol (Lot 50, each sheet 89x58 cm, 150 K €). (SOLD 150 K€ before fees). This portfolio comes from the same series of 250 as the lot 343 in Christie's sale on April 2, and one year prior to lot 344, which are part of an overall analysis in French on Art Encheres Culture (Viadeo).

The sale on April 8 by Sotheby's in Hong Kong, already announced in this column on February 10, has been the subject of a development in French focused on Vietnamese figurative art on silk on Art Auction Culture (Viadeo). (see column of Feb 10)

Among the Orientalists we compare a painting by Roubtzoff located in Kairouan with another one of Tunis just sold at the Hotel des Ventes de Compiègne at 72 K € before fees on March 15. The two works are virtually of same size (around 80x100 cm, one in height and the other in width) and of the same date within two years, 1914 and 1916. This is the issue that differentiates: Compiègne's woman is completely wrapped up in her clothes, forming a pattern strangely striped, while the other, for sale by Tajan on June 2, with face and arms discovered, has an ethnic appeal . Whether fans prefer? (SOLD 70 K€ before fees).


The sale of April 4 by Millon at Drouot, previously announced in this column on February 2, has been submitted to a development focused on Gallé in French on Art Encheres Culture (Viadeo). Highlighted : a chalice vase (150 K €). (SOLD 150 K€ before fees).


Among the ancient objects in the sale at Sotheby's in London on April 9: a Nasrid gold and enamel belt buckle (600 K£), (SOLD 983 K£ including fees), an Abbasid key (400 K£) (SOLD 9.2 M£ including fees) and an Ilkhanid manuscript on astronomy (80K£). (SOLD 379 K£ including fees).


On April 18 in New York, Christie's sell a nephrite Fabergé elephant exceptionally large for this type of object: 7.5 inches high (300 K$). (SOLD 600 K$ including fees). In addition to the Lodge of Yakovlev announced last week, (UNSOLD), there is also in this sale a forest clearing by Shishkin at $ 1 million. (SOLD 3.2 M$ including fees).

The latter is in competition with another forest by Shishkin, at Sotheby's in New York on 15 and 16 April, estimated $ 1.8 million. (UNSOLD).
Another forest by Shishkin, for which it will have to wait until June 13, in MacDougall's, is estimated 750 K£. (SOLD 1.07 M£ including fees).

The king of the forest could become a birch grove by Arkhip Kuindzhi at 2 M$ (SOLD 3 M$ including fees). Aivazovski again, but with major items: a pair of marines (2 M$), (SOLD 2.4 M$ including fees), and a painting on the theme of Columbus (1.25 M$). (SOLD 1.7 M$ including fees). These three paintings are presented by Sotheby's in the sale above.


In a full-page advertisement in the last Gazette de l'Hotel Drouot, we see a Lega ivory that belonged to Ratton. It will be sold by Aguttes at Drouot on April 25. (SOLD 20.5 K€ including fees).


A masterpiece of the architecture of the last century will be sold by Christie's in New York on May 13: a house designed by Richard Neutra to integrate with desert mountains in Palm Springs, California, for the philanthropist Kaufmann. (SOLD 16.8 M$ including fees, canceled afterwards).


Two cars found in the forthcoming sales of RM Auctions:
On May 18, in Maranello, a 250 GT LWB California Spyder 1958 estimated 2.5 M€. (SOLD 2.4 M€ including fees).
On June 14, in Tustin, California, an interesting Miller from 1925 estimated 900 K $. (SOLD 2 M$ including fees).


In the sale of April 15 at Christie's New York: a brooch made by François Kramer for the Empress Eugenie ($ 4 million), a rectangular intense pink diamond just over 14 carats ($ 10 million) and jewellery of Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. (SALE cancelled on judge's request ; on April 23 it was annonced that the brooch was sold afterwards in private sale).


The sale of April 10 by Sotheby's Hong Kong, already announced in this column on March 9, has been the subject of a more detailed development in French on Art Enchere Culture (Viadeo). Featuring several important Patek Philippe, (SOLD maximum 11.7 MHK$ including fees)
and two Lange (SOLD 5.9 and 1.7 MHK$ including fees).

It's Patek Philippe again which will lead the sale at Sotheby's in Geneva on May 11, this time with an earlier piece: a wrist chronograph of 46 mm diameter of 1932 (2 MFS). (SOLD 2.3 MFS including fees).


On April 4 in New York, Christie's sells a Stradivarius violin ($ 1 million) (SOLD 1.27 M$ including fees) and another by Guadagnini in Milan ($ 300 K). (SOLD 589 K$ including fees). A guitar from 1928 by Hauser is estimated 60 K$.(SOLD 73 K$ including fees). An audio demonstration of the Stradivarius is available on the site of Christie's.

Millon sells musical instruments on April 6 in Paris during the Salon Musicora. A Giovanni Grancino violin, dated 1699, is estimated 90 K €. (UNSOLD). This sale has been the subject of a more detailed development in French by Christine Huang on Art Encheres Culture (Viadeo).


On April 8 at Sotheby's New York will be dispersed an important set of Edward Weston photographs from the artist's family, including a Nude on Sand, Oceano, lot 81, at 120 K $. From 20x25 cm format, it was signed by the artist in 1936. (SOLD 325 K$). From another source, in the same sale, a close-up view of a dune by Weston (Lot 192, 150 K$, the same format, signed the same year). (SOLD 169 K$). It should also be noted a Rayograph 20x25 by Man Ray (lot 210, $ 150 K) (SOLD 157 K$) and a table-top in height by Outerbridge (Lot 214, 40x26 cm, $ 150 K). (SOLD 241 K$).
Results include fees.