13 avr. 2008

Auction tracking, April 13, 2008


To come along with the Hicks painting previously announced (SOLD 9.7 M$ including fees), Sotheby's New York join on May 22 a watercolor by Hassam (1.5 M$) (SOLD 2.5 M$ including fees) and several Remington bronzes including the top one at 3 M$. (SOLD 5.6 M$ including fees).

Arriving early in the career of Leger, a Cubist painting, Etude pour la femme en bleu, is announced at 35 M$ at Sotheby's on May 7 in New York. (SOLD 39 M$ including fees). In the same sale, Munch shows girls on a bridge (22 M$) (SOLD 31 M$ including fees) and Giacometti a bronze nude (8 M$). (SOLD 10 M$ including fees).

Christie's presents a painting by Marsden Hartley, which will be sold on the heavy estimate of $ 5 million in the sale of American Art in New York on May 21. See details on Art Enchères Culture - Viadeo. (SOLD 6.3 M$ including fees).

At 100 K€ on April 21 at Drouot by Lombrail and Teucquam, an oil on canvas dated 1923 by Korovin, 100x81 cm, showing a Paris boulevard light of day (Lot 59). (SOLD 460 K€ before fees).

There are many attractive works in the sale of Irish art at Sotheby's in London on May 7: A Windy day of Lavery (400 K£), (SOLD 470 K£), a surprising Pont-Aven by O'Conor (200 K£), (SOLD 240 K£), a more classic still life by the same artist (120 K£), (SOLD 145 K£), two scenes of children by Osborne (500 and 300 K£) (SOLD 580 and 300 K£) and figures of Joyce and Beckett by Le Brocquy respectively at 150 and 180 K£. (UNSOLD).
Results include fees.

On 29 and 30 May you will be offered by Sotheby's New York a nude (female, whew!) by Botero at 800 K$ (UNSOLD) and a watermelon eater by Tamayo at 2 M$. (SOLD 3.6 M$ including fees).

Come back of South African artists that we had discovered earlier this year at Bonhams. They are this time in Johannesburg, in a sale organised jointly on April 16 by Sotheby's and Stephan Welz: Jacob Hendrik Pierneef, (SOLD 1.7 MR before fees), Irma Stern, (SOLD 2.6 MR before fees), Maggie Laubser. (SOLD 2.2 MR before fees).

On May 2 in London, Sotheby's presents a selection of these Indian artists that we are beginning to be familiar with: Francis Newton Souza, (SOLD 580 K£), Akbar Padamsee, (SOLD 260 K£), Maqbul Fida Husain, (SOLD 150 K£), Ram Kumar, (SOLD 48 K£), and the youngest, Subodh Gupta (SOLD 260 K£) and Atul Dodiya. (SOLD 140 K£). I note by the way that a bronze installation by Subodh Gupta has been awarded the best price at 410 K € excluding fees within the sale of contemporary art of Artcurial on 3 and 4 April.
(Sotheby's results include fees)

Majorelle, (SOLD 1.25 MDh), Ackein, (SOLD 1.4 MDh), Edy Legrand, (SOLD 850 KDh), Portaels (SOLD 1.3 MDh) : after contemporary art, CMOOA presents modern orientalist and Moroccan art. This will be on April 26 in Casablanca. (Prices include fees).

Lucian Freud in the wake of Bacon: Christie's estimated 18 million pounds a painting entitled Big Sue, for sale in New York on May 13. (SOLD 33.6 M$ including fees).

This Sunday, April 13 in Singapore, Larasati Auctioneers organise an auction of contemporary art featuring mostly young or very young Indonesians, Koreans and Chinese artists.
SOLD, probably before fees :
by Luo brothers, 46 years old Chinese, "Welcome the World's Famous Brand" : 276 K S$.
by the Indonesian I Nyoman Masriadi, 35 years old, "Me and my Coke" : 240 K S$.
by the Indonesian Agus Suwage, 49 years old, "Pandora Box" : 150 K S$.

On July 16 in New York, Christie's pushes a Turkish artist, Mustafa Gunen, 52 years old, putting on sale a painting entitled "Son Dakika" (Last Minute). (not confirmed).

Contemporary art also in Bonhams New York on May 13 with an installation by Judy Chicago (350 K$), (UNSOLD), a gang of four monkeys by Banksy (180 K$) (SOLD 210 K$ before fees) and for Pop Art, a Green Lantern by Mel Ramos at 600 K$. (SOLD 500 K$ before fees).

I have a bit of trouble with China, the information in English is rather sporadic. At Poly Auctions in Beijing, I pointed out an interesting view of Hong Kong by Wu Guanzhong, 60x136 cm, estimated 1.8 MRMB. In the absence of other information, I suppose that it will be part of the sales session scheduled for late May.


In London, Phillips de Pury on April 24, a black table of 2006 by Marc Newson at 150 K£ (Lot 135). In carbon fibre, it was drawn to 10 copies. (SOLD 168 K£ including fees).


A pair of eagles in Arita is estimated 300 K£ by Christie's in London on May 14. (UNSOLD).


So mediated it is by the website of the auction house, it is difficult to believe that the beautiful bronze king of Benin that Lempertz sell in Brussels on April 26 will remain at its estimate of 40 K€. (SOLD 560 K€ before fees).


The male 30 cm high Cycladic idol in marble that Sotheby's sell in New York on June 5 is expected to be an exceptional piece, because we do not usually advance an estimate of $ 1.2 million on this type of subject . Wait for details. (SOLD 1.3 M$ including fees).


A nice set of pre-1914 vehicles will be on sale by Bonhams on April 21 in a museum in London. Among them an elegant Rolls-Royce in 1911 (650 K£). (UNSOLD). See details on Art Enchères Culture - Viadeo.


In New York on April 17, Sotheby's sells jewelry: an intense yellow diamond of 39 carats (lot 407) is estimated only $ 800 K, (SOLD 1.8 M$ including fees) and a diamond necklace holding two large drop shaped pearls (Lot 406) $ 800 K also . (SOLD 1.3 M$ including fees). The auctioneer said that the two jewels can be worn together.

A diamond of 38 carat pear-shaped is estimated £ 1.8 million in the sale of the jewels of Christina Onassis at Christie's in London on June 11. (SOLD 3.6 M£ including fees). In the same origin, a curiosity: a jade Buddha by Fabergé at 250 K£. (SOLD 1.27 M£ including fees). From another owner, Christie's announced an exceptional nineteenth century diamond necklace. (SOLD 480 K£ including fees).

On April 29, in Dubai, Christie's sell a magnificent necklace of natural pearls embellished with diamonds, the largest pearl weighing 220 grains (Lot 178, $ 1.8 million). (SOLD 1.7 M$ including fees). Significant lots of pearls of this sale have been commented on Art Enchères Culture - Viadeo. (SOLD two pearls 770 and 713 K$ including fees).


At Sotheby's in New York on June 19, Newton's Principia (1687, first edition, 100K$) (UNSOLD) and the manuscript by Conan Doyle of one of the most famous Sherlock Holmes short stories (13 pages, 150 K$) (UNSOLD)


Artcurial announce for May 27 a set of autochromes by the best specialist, Leon Gimpel. (SOLD 1.9 K€ before fees). I do not ask you to consult with estimates, they will be exploded.


A sale of Oriental rugs, at Nagel in Stuttgart on May 27, featuring a nice and very colorful Malayer , 201x137 cm (SOLD 2 K€ before fees) and a 200 year old gallery from Azerbaijan (391x114 cm). (SOLD 1.7 K€ before fees).