20 avr. 2008

Auction tracking, April 20, 2008


On May 6 in New York, in addition to the Monet bridge already quoted (SOLD 41.5 M$), Christie' s present a Nympheas by the same artist (10 M$), (SOLD 11.5 M$), an exceptional group of bronzes by Giacometti including a Grande Femme debout (SOLD 27.5 M$) and a Place, (SOLD 14.5 M$), an orientalist nude of Van Dongen (12 M$) (UNSOLD) and a large size Eve by Rodin. (9 M$). (SOLD 19 M$).
Results include fees.

A Riopelle painting of 1956 (130x89 cm, lot 108) is estimated 500 K$ Canadian. The Heffel auction house presents it on May 22 in Vancouver. (UNSOLD).

At Ritchies and Sotheby' s traditionally associated in Toronto, there is the come back on May 26 of the national artists: Tom Thomson, (SOLD 1,95 MCan$ including fees), Lawren Harris, (SOLD 690 KCan$ including fees), Marc-Aurèle Fortin. (SOLD 300 KCan$ including fees).

Will De Vuyst in Lokeren be stronger than Sotheby' s in Paris? The Delvaux painting which this house wants to sell on May 10 is the lot sold on September 23, 2004 by the joint ministry of Sotheby' s and Bailly-Pommery-Voutier, the source attests it. Well mediatized, it had obtained 760 K€ including fees. De Vuyst expect between 1 and 1,25 M€ (lot 456). (UNSOLD).

In the sale at the Espace Tajan on April 29, there is an Automatic oracle of Motherwell (243x152 cm, 600 K€), and a Yellow predominance of Hans Hofmann (152x132 cm, 400 K€). There will be also the already quoted sculpture of Nevelson (2,16 m, 180 K€). After the failure of important foreign works at Cornette of Saint-Cyr on April 5, I consider that this sale has a value of test on the role of Paris in the market of the international contemporary art. We point out the alarm emitted by Artprice in its assessment 2007. (UNSOLD)

In preparation of its sale of May 14 in New York, Sotheby's comes to arouse the Russian collectors by exposing the next week in Moscow a selection of contemporary art, carried out by a charming lady caterpillar made of steel by Koons (5,5 M$) (SOLD 6 M$ including fees) and one from now on traditional nurse by Prince (3,5 M$). (SOLD 4.7 M$ including fees). In the top list of the estimates, these two works occupy respectively 13th and 19th places of the sale, which tells as length on the hopes of sales turnover of Sotheby' s for this sale.

Dinet is regularly the top artist of the sales of orientalist art by Gros and Delettrez at Drouot. The next one, June the 23 and 24, will be well provided in groups of bathers: a scene is peaceful (81x66 cm, 500 K€), (SOLD 1.4 M€ before fees), the other distressed (139x119 cm, 500 K€). (SOLD 850 K€ before fees on an estimate of 800 K€ in the catalogue). After catalogue close-out on May 9, we will reconsider this sale then.


In the March 28 issue of La Gazette de l'Hôtel Drouot, one sees at Piasa, for Drouot on June 18, a commode arbalète of the beginning of the Régence time attributed to Oppenordt; the editorial article of the Gazette of April 18 page 5, indicates to covered words that the estimate is not in connection with the object. I do not recopy it, one should not undervalue the goods. (SOLD 410 K€ before fees).

For a current piece of furniture, here is a large table by Ron Arad (2,85 m in open position) at Camard on May 28. (SOLD 39.5 K€ before fees).
On June 2, by the same auction house, a pair of appliques of Rateau. (SOLD 140 K€ including fees)


July 11 within the framework of Goodwood Festival of Speed, Bonhams sells the first prototype of the first Britannique mark to have produced single-seaters. It was in 1934, and this brand was called ERA (English Racing Automobiles). The car is estimated 400 K£. (SOLD 325 K£ before fees).


For better entering with you on the market of the books, I watch for some traditionals. Here a Prose du Transsibérien at Christie's Paris on April 28 (70 K€). (SOLD 162 K€ including fees).


A C-print of Naomi Campbell by David Lachapelle is included in the sale of contemporary art in Espace Tajan on April 30 (lot 170, 40x60 cm, 7 K€). (SOLD 10 K€ including fees).