27 avr. 2008

Auction tracking, April 27, 2008


For July 9 in London, and for 5 M£, Sotheby' s announce an exceptional painting: an oil on canvas of Turner representing Pope's villa in Twickenham. This painting had remained in the same family since 1827. (SOLD 5.4 M£ including fees).

Now two paintings by Americans of Giverny:
At Bonhams in New York on May 21, a sitting woman by Richard E Miller (300 K$) (SOLD 250 K$ before fees).
And in Drouot by Aguttes on June 25, a woman under the parasol by Frieseke (49x59 cm). (SOLD 100 K€ including fees).

At Doyle in New York on May 20, lot 2106 is an oil of Mondrian (74x100 cm) representing a foxtail lily (300 K$). (SOLD 430 K€ including fees). The following lot, 2107, smaller, is the charcoal study of the same subject (40 K$). (SOLD 80 K$ including fees).

The three days of sale of Villa Grisebach in Berlin from 29 to 31 May include a harbour scene by Macke (1,5 M€, 55x46 cm), (SOLD 2.1 M€ including fees), a beach scene by Beckmann (36x79 cm, 800 K€) (SOLD 1.1 M€ including fees) and sun flowers to the watercolour by Nolde (35x46 cm, 250 K€). (SOLD 120 K€ including fees from an estimate of 100 K€).

A still life of Pechstein (80x70 cm) is awaited at 350 K€ at Lempertz in Cologne on May 28 (lot 228). (UNSOLD). One also finds in this sale a Village Evening by Campendonk (300 K€, 36x50 cm, lot 40), (SOLD 255 K€ before fees), a gouache by Leger of 1914 (600 K€, 24x30 cm, lot 163), (UNSOLD), several Nolde (maximum 220 K€) (SOLD 320 K€ before fees) and a very rare sketchbook of Kirchner (40 K€ only, lot 134). (SOLD 85 K€ before fees).
The following day, May 29, is for younger people, with a monumental structure (285x285x20 cm) made of nails and of acrylic by Günther Uecker, dated 1995 (300 K€). (UNSOLD). Let us also mention Dicetyl phosphates by Hirst of 2005 in its plexiglass (overall 85x138x6 cm, 400 K€, lot 545). (UNSOLD).

Uecker again with two works in the same technique as above at Dorotheum in Vienna on May 28. (SOLD 155 and 47 K€ including fees).

A painting of Tamayo estimated 2 M$ returns on May 28 to Christie's New York. It had been announced six months ago, but the sale had been cancelled for collecting money to leave it in the strongly involved in debt college which is owner. The money collecting failed. (SOLD 7.2 M$ including fees). In the same sale, beside a curious Nino sovietico of Rivera (500 K$) (UNSOLD) and a monumental Donna bronze of Botero (1,2 M$), (UNSOLD) let us quote Ramos Martinez for a lemon carrier (800 K$) (SOLD 2.2 M$ including fees) and a flower carrier (600 K$). (SOLD 940 K$ including fees).

A painting of Riley, large-sized, will appear in the sale of contemporary art of Sotheby' s in London on July 1 (2 M£). (SOLD 2.5 M£ including fees).

I add three works to my tracking into the sale of contemporary art of Christie's in New York on May 13: a Nurse by Prince (6 M$) (SOLD 7.4 M$ including fees), a Smoker by Wesselmann (211x228 cm, 4 M$) (SOLD 6.8 M$ including fees) and a key work of Pop Art, painted in 1963 by Lichtenstein and representing a ball of twine (14 M$). (UNSOLD).

Sotheby' s also supplemented its advertisement for the May 14 sale in New York: here are now Rothko (35 M$),(UNSOLD), a "collage" by Rauschenberg (10 M$), (SOLD 14.5 M$), a Prophet dating from the New Yorkean beginnings of Basquiat (9 M$), (SOLD 9.5 M$), a multiple Christ, 112 times!, by Warhol, which would end almost up resembling wallpaper (10 M$) (SOLD 9.5 M$) and a minimalist structure of Judd (5 M$). (SOLD 4.2 M$). Sotheby' s also pushes a sculpture of Murakami (3 M$) (SOLD 15 M$) and Glyphs by Marden (2 M$). (SOLD 4.3 M$).
(Results include fees).

The important lots go into Evening sales, and Day sales are held the following day. Sotheby' s draws the attention to May 15 Day sale in New York with a painting, minimalist with text, by Ruscha (1 M$). (SOLD 4 M$ including fees).

Again Gupta at Sotheby's: after London, now New York on May 14, with a 2003 painting on the topic of airport carriages (500 K$). (SOLD 820 K$ including fees). The following day, May 16, a lacquered minimalist bronze of 2001 by Anish Kapoor is estimated 250 K$. (SOLD 300 K$ including fees).

On April 30 in Dubai, Christie' s sells a pre-revolutionary bronze of the Iranian Parviz Tanavoli (1,4 MDh), (SOLD 2.8 M$ including fees), seven works of the Iranian Charles Hossein Zenderoudi (maximum 1,4 MDh) (SOLD maximum 1.6 M$ including fees) and a triptych by Ahmed Moustafa (1,2 MDh). (SOLD 420 K$ including fees).

A diorama at the cover of a catalogue of art!! It is astute because it shows the diorama like one of the ancestors of our installations. This work representing the first giraffe of France is to be sold at Leclere in Marseilles on May 3 (20 K€, 85x80x40 cm, lot 305). (SOLD 11 K€ before fees ; la Gazette de l'Hôtel Drouot published an estimate of 12 K€, 20 K€ was the low estimate available in the catalogue).


The session of auction sales of Christie' s in Hong Kong will take place from 22 to 29 May. After the excellent results of the very recent week of Sotheby's in that city, we will look at these sales with attention.

In cover of the Gazette de l'Hôtel Drouot of this week, we see an imperial Kangxi seal of large size (14x10x10 cm), to sell on June 14 by Herve Chassaing in Toulouse. 500 K€ are waited for this object made of steatite. (SOLD 4.7 M€ before fees).

The schedules of the next session of sales of Poly Auction were disclosed. These sales will be held in Beijing from May 28 to 31.


The highlight of the sale of Sotheby's New York on May 16 is a Baga serpent (Guinea) collected in 1957 and which is known to have influenced the contemporary art at the time of one exhibition at the Matisse gallery of New York in 1961 (1,5 M$). (SOLD 3.3 M$ fees included).


On May 15 in Geneva at Sotheby's, here are an ornament of corsage by Wiese (155 KFS) (UNSOLD?) and a Cartier sapphire of 206 carats crimped of diamonds that passed by the collection of the duchess of Windsor (1,1 MFS). (UNSOLD?). Rings are crimped with colour gems: an oval purplish pink diamond of 5 carats (2,35 MFS, or 470 KFS per carat), (SOLD 2.7 MFS including fees), a vivid blue pear-shaped diamond of 3,7 carats (2,8 MFS, or 750 KFS per carat) (SOLD 5.2 MFS including fees) and a Burmese ruby of 14,6 carats surrounded of diamonds (2 MFS). (UNSOLD?).

On May 28, with the diamond of 101 carats already announced, (SOLD 48.5 MHK$ including fees), Christie's Hong Kong presents a green diamond of 10,6 carats (2 M US$, or approximately 200 K$ per carat) and some jadeite jewels: a pair of ear studs (2,3 M US$) and a necklace (2,15 M US$).

On May 14 in Geneva at Christie's, a ring decorated with a Burmese ruby of 13,7 carats in an important diamond entourage (lot 372) is awaited for 1,6 MUS$ but the estimate is tight. (SOLD 2 MFS fees included). Let us return to diamond with an intense blue of 13,4 carats, also on a ring (6 MUS$, or 440 KUS$ per carat, lot 393). (SOLD 9.2 MFS fees included).

The FS and the $ currently have the same value with a margin of 10 %, and Sotheby' s makes the amalgam in its estimates.


Once is not habit, I announce an object already sold: a ceramics of Jouve, sold 121 K$ including fees on April 16 at Doyle, Swiss purchase.


It is again Patek Philippe which leads the great sales of watches, this time at Christie's in Geneva on May 12: a reference 2497 of 1954 made in platinum known to only two specimens (1,5 MFS) (SOLD 3.2 MFS including fees) and a reference 1526 of 1949, only specimen known in stainless steel (1,5 MFS). (SOLD 4.1 MFS including fees).


On May 28 at Lempertz in Cologne, lot 47 is Daphnis et Chloé in two volumes illustrated of 42 lithographies of Chagall (200 K€). (UNSOLD)


Again two photographs by Lachapelle, this time at Millon in Drouot on May 14 (thank you to Christophe Goeury, expert of this sale, to have sent a hard copy of the catalogue to me). Pamela Anderson, Secret Garden (lot 47) is estimated 30 K€ but its important size (111x151 cm) can enable it to reach more (UNSOLD) ; Naomi Campbell, Have you seen me (lot 46) is announced at 8 K€, but it is a print of 2001 (SOLD 12 K€ before fees) whereas that of the Elfering collection (Christie's, 9 April, sold 30 K$ including fees) was a print of 1994.

By Eisenstaedt, one finds in the Kapandji Morhange sale in Drouot on April 30 a photograph of children in a puppet theatre (lot 761, print of 1995, 20 K€). (thank you to Antoine Romand, expert of this sale, to have sent a hard copy of the catalogue to me). (UNSOLD).

On June 4 in London, Bonhams disperses a collection of glasses. Lot 56 is an anglo-Dutch goblet dated 1759 (12 K£). (SOLD 20 K£ before fees).