6 avr. 2008

Auction tracking, April 6, 2008


The betrothal portrait of Sibyl of Cleves by Lucas Cranach was the subject of an article on Art Enchères Culture - Viadeo. It is for sale at Christie's on April 15 in New York ($ 4 million). (SOLD 7.6 M$ including fees). A bucolic landscape by Gainsborough (63x76 cm) is estimated $ 3 million, (SOLD 5.7 M$ including fees), a very turbulent mythological scene by Cornelis van Haarlem (192 x 244 cm) is expected at $ 1.5 million (SOLD 8.1 M$ including fees) and a pair of views of Venice by Michele Marieschi at 3 M $. (SOLD 3.4 M$ including fees). The sale had been announced in this column, for a pair of portraits by David. (one SOLD 7.2 M$ including fees, the other UNSOLD).

On May 7, in London, Sotheby's presents six paintings on equestrian subjects by Munnings, including a boy on a pony estimated 1.5 M£. (UNSOLD ; SOLD 860 K£ including fees a Lady on horseback, also by Munnings).

On June 9, the Russian Art is in London at Sotheby's, with two still lifes of Goncharova. One of them, unpublished, was given to Apollinaire (2 M£). (SOLD 2.3 M£ including fees). The other is estimated 1 M£. (SOLD 1.15 M£ including fees). A painting by Serebriakova represents ballerina Vera Fokine (400 K £). (SOLD a female nude without a reference to Fokine 1,07 M£ including fees from an estimate of 150 K£).

The Seine in Paris, painted by de Stael in 1954 (89x130 cm), which will be sold by Piasa at Drouot on June 20, is reminiscent of the Mediterranée from the same year (96x146 cm) sold for 1.3 million pounds at Sotheby's in London on February 5, 2004. (SOLD 530 K€ before fees). A trail in the fields by Renoir (39x47 cm) dating to about 1877 confirms the importance of this sale. (SOLD 300 K€ before fees).

The sale on April 30 by Christie's in Dubai will enable to appreciate the market in the Middle East, both from the viewpoint of artists from these countries and for their interest in the West, because there is a Love by Indiana at 1 M$ (183x183x91 cm, lot 136), (SOLD 1.15 M$), an abstract triptych by Ahmed Moustafa at 350 K$ (Lot 70, three times 117x117 cm) (SOLD 420 K$) and three large abstract paintings by Hossein Zenderoudi : Lot 57, 400 K$; (SOLD 600 K$) ; lot 59, 200 K$; (SOLD 1.6 M$); lot 60, 250 K$. (SOLD 420 K$).
A Homage to the square by Albers at 250 K $ (61x61 cm, lot 150) is probably the same as that remained unsold at Piasa at 180 K € on June 5, 2007, so let us compare Paris and Dubai. (UNSOLD).
(Results include fees).


The last day of the week of sales of Sotheby's Hong Kong, April 11, is devoted to Chinese ceramics and antiques. A Song scroll was the subject of an article on Art Enchères Culture - Viadeo. (UNSOLD)


On April 15, Artcurial sells a removable pavilion of 6x9 m by Prouvé (Lot 84, 200 K€). (UNSOLD). From the same designer, the other two headlights from the sale are tables "Trapèze": lot 9 at 200 K€ (SOLD 250 K€ before fees) and lot 10 at 150 K€. (SOLD 185 K€ before fees).


The cover of the Gazette de l'Hôtel Drouot of April 4 shows a pocket watch of 1831 by Bréguet, with a pedigree in the English aristocracy. Because it includes nine complications, its estimate at 100 K € seems low. It will be sold by Bailly-Pommery et Voutier at Drouot on April 9. (SOLD 2.8 M€ before fees). Another astronomical Bréguet watch, oldest and gold, sold 454 KFS at Antiquorum in April 2004.


Reiss u. Sohn at Königstein prepares its sales of 22 to 25 April (nearly 5,000 lots including 600 lots of art), with a beautiful set of scientific and geographic books. I noted among them an Atlas novus of Janssonius and Hondius of 1638 in 3 volumes with a total of 318 plates (Lot 2951, 70 K€). (SOLD 74 K€ before fees). A religious incunable of Augsburg of 1476, incomplete, is estimated 30 K€ (Lot 840), (UNSOLD), a 1499 edition of Regiomontanus calendar 6 K€ (Lot 1298), (SOLD 6 K€ before fees), the 1566 edition of Copernicus 50 K€ (Lot 1280), (SOLD 100 K€ before fees), the Suriname insects by Merian, edition of 1719, 35 K€ (Lot 1647).(UNSOLD).

Books will be at Drouot on April 23, at Pierre Bergé et Associés. Lot 1 is an illustrated incunable of 1494 (160 K €). (SOLD 150 K€ before fees). There are also birds of Belon, 1555 (Lot 4, 45 K€), (UNSOLD), La Fontaine edited by Barbin in 1668 (Lot 16, 50 K €) (SOLD 40 K€ before fees) and an in-folio in 1543 of Vesalius (Lot 34, 140 K €). (UNSOLD).


In a Hermès specialized sale by Artcurial on June 2, there is a Kelly bag paying tribute to Grace. (SOLD 52 K€). The auction house took the opportunity to recall that they sold last year at 60 K € a Birkin bag that belonged to Jane.