31 mai 2008

0106 Auction


The portrait of a princess, an oil on canvas, 76 x 63 cm, dated 1606, by Sir Peter Paul Rubens, for 250 KCHF, is it a bargain? It is at Fischer Auktionen, lot 1009, on June 11 in Lucerne (found in surfing on Artnet). (UNSOLD).

The top seven estimates of the sale of British art at Sotheby's in London on June 5 are four by Romney (top SOLD 230 K£ including fees) and three by van Dyck (top sold 240 K£ including fees) (maximum low estimates 200 K£ for each of the two artists).

In the sale of Old Masters at Sotheby's New York on the same day, June 5, there is a genre scene by Ochtervelt (600 K$, lot 46) (SOLD 600 K$ including fees) and a view of Venice by Albotto (550 K$, lot 116). (UNSOLD).

The press has already forwarded the rediscovery of three drawings made by Goya, that Christie's sell in London on July 8. It is expected an overall £ 2 million of these three works. They will be sold separately. (SOLD 2,3 M£, 960 K£ and 770 K£ including fees).


At 800 KCHF Christie's Zurich on June 16 offers a portrait of a young girl by Anker. (SOLD 840 KCHF including fees). On May 27, Sotheby's Zurich got 2.6 MCHF fees included on a work by this artist. In the Giacometti family, I choose here Augusto, with an azalea (400 KCHF). (SOLD 1 MCHF including fees).

Again a Giacometti, Giovanni, with a small landscape (65 x 60 cm) estimated at 1.3 MCHF by Koller in Zurich on June 20. (Lot 3044). (SOLD 1 MCHF before fees).


An elegant bureau de pente marqueted with flowers by Jean-François Hache expects 300 KCHF at Koller in Zurich on June 19 (Lot 1143). You tell me that I could identify such objects in France, but in fact I like press releases of this auction house. (UNSOLD under hammer)

It was awarded the place of honour at the recent Drouot Highlight exhibition. It is an armchair made in 1804 by Jacob-Desmalter for the Throne Room of the Tuileries on a design by Percier and Fontaine. It will be sold by PIASA at Drouot on June 18 (Lot 150, 400 K €). (UNSOLD). In this sale, the commode attributed to Oppenordt, already announced here, is at number 123. (SOLD 410 K€ before fees).


I just addressed Percier in furniture. He is now referred as the designer of a pair of candlers by Thomire, at 150 KCHF at Koller in Zurich on June 19 (Lot 1282). (SOLD 160 KCHF before fees).

A 25 K € only, the number 155 from the sale of Libert at Drouot on June 11 is a pair of globes signed by Mercator and dated 1541, diameter 37 cm each, on pedestals of the late nineteenth century. (SOLD 29 K€ before fees)

By PIASA at Drouot on June 18, we will find a Régence clock with bronzes reproducing the Day and Night by Michelangelo (150 K €, lot 45). (SOLD 315 K€ before fees).


On June 12 in London, lot 540 of the sale of Sotheby's is a plaque of the order of St Andrew, circa 1800 (400 K£). (SOLD 2.7 M£ including fees).


On August 2 in Rochester, Michigan, RM Auctions is organizing a sale of luxury American cars, including a 1931 Auburn (SOLD 175 K$ including fees) and a 1937 Lincoln. (SOLD 100 K$ including fees).


To compare with those to be sold four days later at Drouot, here are two bowls of Nevers with Loire bridge design, which will be presented at the Hotel des Ventes Giraudeau in Tours on June 9. Lot 144, 1788, is estimated 6 K €, (SOLD 8.9 K€ before fees) and Lot 146, the year VIII of French revolutionary calendar, 5 K €. (SOLD 11 K€ before fees). Cracks are reported.


On June 6 at Galerie Kornfeld in Bern, a lithograph by Kirchner is also highlighted (800 KCHF). (SOLD 980 KCHF before fees).


An Atlas of Johannes Blaeu in 12 volumes in folio (1667) is for sale at Pierre Bergé et Associés on June 20 at Drouot (180 K €). (SOLD 200 K€ before fees).


The heartfelt lot of the week is the photo by Jeanloup Sieff, Alfred Hitchcock Hollywood in 1962, estimated at 4 K € at Leclere in Marseilles on June 15 (Lot 36). (SOLD 4 K€ before fees).


A device used on stage circa 1920 by Harry Houdini to cut a girl into eight pieces is only at 4 K$ at Bonhams in Los Angeles on June 16 (lot 3173W). (SOLD 2.25 K$ before fees).

In October (exact date to be released later), Julien's Auctions is organizing the sale of souvenirs of Bob Hope, including many lots on the theme of golf. (results available on the site of the auction house)

Two Steinway pianos that once belonged to Elton John go on sale at Bonhams in London on June 18 (35 and 25 K£). (SOLD 35 K£ before fees, and UNSOLD).

I take that the chapter of memorabilia is consistent this week to add the desk of Dickens, waiting for 50 K £ on June 4 at Christie's London. (SOLD 430 K£ including fees).


For lamps of glass and bronze by Tiffany, the choice date is June 14, in New York at Sotheby's. One of them, lot 115, is worth 700 K$. (UNSOLD ; SOLD another lamp 930 K$ including fees). The pavilion of Shigeru Ban mentioned previously is the lot 150 of the sale. (SOLD 600 K$ including fees).