4 mai 2008

0405 Auction


Very old art, could one even say, of this triptych of Taddeo di Bartolo which will form part of ten lots from an estate at Sotheby' s in London on July 9 (300 K£). (SOLD 1.9 M£ including fees). Among paintings of quality which form part of this group, let us quote a landscape by Patel le jeune (400 K£) (SOLD 940 K£ including fees) and a still life by Balthasar van der Ast (300 K£). (SOLD 470 K£ including fees).


In New York on May 21, the sale of American art of Christie's includes works of the landscape painters of the 19th century, who in general were close to the photographers: Moran (3,5 M$, lot 26), (SOLD 17.7 M$ including fees), Bierstadt (2,5 M$, lot 93),(SOLD 7,3 M$ before fees), and of intimist paintings: Cassatt (3 M$, lot 61), (UNSOLD), Sargent (1,5 M$, lot 82), (UNSOLD), without forgetting Hassam (2,5 M$, lot 74) (SOLD 5.6 M$ including fees) and the lighthouse of Hartley of which I already spoke (5 M$, lot 16). (SOLD 6.3 M$ including fees).


Phillips de Pury prepares its great sale of the spring, which will take place in New York on May 15. One finds there a fallen angel of Basquiat (8 M$, 177x198 cm, lot 121), (SOLD 11.2 M$ including fees), a marble self-portrait 95 cm high by Koons (6 M$, lot 111), (SOLD 7.5 M$ including fees), an abstract oil by Richter (5 M$, 2x2 m, lot 119). (SOLD 4.5 M$ including fees). Among the unexpected ones, a hairy wax leg in a leather shoe by Robert Gober (1,2 M$, lot 128). (SOLD 3.6 M$ including fees). A black granite of Kapoor is estimated 800 K$ (156x191x30 cm, lot 130). (UNSOLD).

For the pleasure of making a trip in Taiwan, I present to you, guided in that by Artnet, Quotation of Chairman Mao, an oil on canvas by Zeng Fanzhi estimated 660 KUS$ at Kingsley Art Auction on May 31 (1,80x1,50 m, lot 107). (SOLD 1.5 MUS$ including fees).

In the same country and with the same guide, I chose a green stainless steel dog by Zhou Chunya, on June 8 at Zhong Cheng Auctions (12 MNT, i.e. 365 KUS$, 2x0,6x1 m, lot 95). It is not the expensive lot of the sale, but it draws you the tongue! (SOLD 540 K US $).


In London on May 14 at Sotheby' s, there is an imperial Boddhisattva Yongle bronze of 24 cm high (300 K£, lot 648) (UNSOLD) and an exceptional group of Tang silver bowls (maximum 350 K£). (SOLD 1,15 M£ including fees ; SOLD another bowl, 1,6 M£ including fees)

On June 25 at Drouot, Ader sells a blue and white Yuan dish of 46 cm. Seen in cover of the Gazette de l'Hotel Drouot and on page of entry of the site of the auction house, this very elegant porcelain should not hesitate to exceed its estimate (400 K€). (SOLD 815 K€ including fees).


July 7, Artcurial in Paris devotes a sale to Aborigenal art. A painting of 1992 of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri is shown with a very open estimate: 240 to 400 K€. (UNSOLD).


On June 14 in New York, Sotheby' s sells a prefabricated pavilion by Shigeru Ban (800 K$). The product of the sale of this lot will go to caritative works of art and culture. (SOLD 600 K$ including fees).


There is a sale of Underground Art, in Dallas by Heritage on May 22 and 23. Several originals of Robert Crumb are highlighted (maximum 50 K$). (SOLD 68 K$ including fees).


After having discovered on the site of Blomqvist that one operates the wanted selection by putting the required name in the box Fritekst søk, I can ensure you that this house of Oslo will offer for sale on May 14 several of major works of Munch: Vampyr (3 MKkr, lot 77), (SOLD 5.2 Mkr), a Madonna (without the foetus skeleton, 800 Kkr, lot 69), (SOLD 2.1 Mkr), Kyss (550 Kkr, lot 82), (SOLD 1.55 Mkr) and, in the stripped style which has just made the success of Angst at Sotheby', on May 1, To mennesker (1,8 Mkr, lot 73). (SOLD 2 Mkr).
(Results probably do not include fees).

For those which could not treat to the original (the most expensive work in the world of a contemporary artist), here is an engraving of For the Love of God, Believe by Hirst. Edited in 1700 specimens, it is worth 2.2 K$ at Santa Monica Auctions on June 1 (lot 155).


Bonhams presents a dedicated original edition of a book of Jane Austen, on June 24 in London (50 K£). (SOLD 150 K£ before fees).

MONEY (and currency)

I always prefer to quote the results of the objects which I had located. I allow myself a variation for the exceptional currency sale which Heritage Auctions has just done, and of which I put the link towards the press release.


June 7 in Dallas, Heritage disperses some artifacts of Franklin D. Roosevelt. (SOLD 48 K$ including fees a lot of three watercolour studies for a portrait of Roosevelt).

The Olympic torch will be in England with 4 years in advance or 60 years of delay according to the way in which one counts: it comes from the London Games of 1948, and Bonhams wants to sell it 2 K£ in Chester on June 4. (SOLD 2.1 K£ before fees).

A lyric manuscript of John Lennon will be presented, of course in London, by Christie' s on July 10 for 200 K£. (SOLD 420 K£ including fees).