18 mai 2008

1805 Auction


For the first time, Christie's and Sotheby's selected the same week for their sales of contemporary art in Paris, as they already do it on the other places of sales for their principal specialities. Sale at Sotheby's on May 26 and 27, and at Christie's on May 27 and 28.


On May 20 in Brussels, lot 5 of the sale organized by Pierre Bergé and Associés is a sympathetic tondo of 19 cm by Pieter Brueghel the Younger showing a country-woman holding water and fire (200 K€). (UNSOLD).

At Espace Tajan, Paris, on June 26, an unexpected Presentation of the Elephant by Pietro Longhi is estimated 300 K€. (SOLD 370 K€ including fees).


A traditional pastel of Degas (65x47 cm) representing a ballerina is presented by Aguttes at Drouot on June 25 (1,2 M€). (UNSOLD).

On May 21 in Paris, Christie's sells two oils on canvas of Signac (1,2 M€, lot 58 (SOLD 1.4 M€); 1 M€, lot 55 (SOLD 1.1 M€), one of Pissarro (800 K€, lot 50) (SOLD 950 K€) and two of Van Dongen (700 K€, lot 53 (SOLD 2.8 M€); 600 K€, lot 59 (SOLD 860 K€)). (Results include fees).

At Sotheby's in Zurich on May 27, here is a Geneva Lake by Hodler at 4 MCHF (lot 53, 45x65 cm) (UNSOLD) and an important group of paintings by Giovanni Giacometti (top 1,5 MCHF, lot 101). (SOLD 1.5 MCHF including fees).

The art of Far West is waited until July 26 at Reno by The Coeur d'Alene Art Auction, with several millionaire estimates including an oil on fabric by Charles M. Russell showing an attack of diligence (4 M$). (SOLD 4.6 M$ before fees). Last year, by the same artist and the same auction house, an attack of ranch by Indians had recorded 2,9 M$ fees included. A large bronze of the same artist is estimated 3 M$. It shows Indians on horseback attacking bovines. (SOLD 3.6 M$ before fees).

The heart felt unexpensive lot is a gouache of medieval inspiration of 21x18 cm by John Bauer, lot 2061 of the sale of Stockholms Auktionsverket, for which it is necessary to spend 60 KSEK on May 28. (SOLD 210 KSEK)

At Christie's in Hong Kong on May 24, we have at lot 198 a landscape of Chen Chenbo, Spring in the West Lake, 90x116 cm. (SOLD 34 MHK$ including fees). Last November, by the same artist and the same auction house, Sunset At Danshui of same dimensions had exceeded the 50 MHK$ fees included.

At the top of the estimates at Sotheby's on May 26 in Paris, is an oil on canvas of Joan Mitchell (2,2 M€, lot 15, 285x200 cm). Three paintings of Mitchell made between 3,5 and 5 M$ at Sotheby's and Christie's during the week of contemporary art this month in New York. Paris is a good place of sale for this artist, very good results having already been recorded at Christie's and Artcurial. (SOLD 3.8 M€ including fees).

I noted at Christie's on May 27 in Paris an oil on canvas of Shiraga (500 K€, lot 16, 181x273 cm). (SOLD 730 K€ including fees).


Christie's sells in Paris a Spider of stainless steel and tapestry by Bourgeois, on May 27 (1,8 M€, lot 20, 74x112x89 cm). (SOLD 2.9 M€ including fees). In the same sale an oil on canvas of Mitchell of 1983 (900 K€, lot 17, 218x192 cm). (SOLD 1 M€ including fees).


By way of test concerning African art that one did not see much lately, let us track at Pierre Bergé and Associés on June 5 in Brussels a Tshokwe sceptre, 59 cm high. This ethnos group of Angola often generates important prices. This one is estimated only at 60 K€. (SOLD 60 K€ before fees).


A bureau Louis XVI stamped by Riesener is awaited at 1 M£ in London at Sotheby's on July 8. (SOLD 1.7 M£ including fees).

Art Déco comes back with a bibliothèque of Printz and Dunand, at Christie's Paris on May 27 (600 K€, lot 330). (SOLD 1.3 M€ including fees).


In London on July 8, Sotheby's announces that a covered black and gold pot-pourri vase Qianlong vase mounted under Louis XV with gilded bronze will exceed 1 M£. (SOLD 2.15 M£ including fees). A pair of Chinese cache-pots, also mounted under Louis XV, awaits 250 K£. (SOLD 325 K£ including fees).


On June 26 at Drouot, Millon disperses a collection of drawings of French architecture. (SOLD 147 K€ including fees a lot of three drawings for Versailles by Dufour and Fontaine).


The Cat of Philippe Geluck is always caught for a star. He is right, the sale of Millon at Drouot-Montaigne on May 31 is partly devoted to him. (SOLD 12.5 K€ before fees an acrylic).

A drawing of Charles Schulz representing Lucy of Peanuts is estimated 7 K$, by Bonhams and Butterfields in Los Angeles on June 16. (UNSOLD on a low estimate of 6 K$).


On July 19 at Henley, Bonhams sells a giant salmon. The fisherman had spent 30 minutes to leave it from water, in 1928. 5 K£ for a weight of 50 lbs, that made just 100 £ per salmon lb. I let to you translate into other units. Thank you not to use this sale to deduce the price of fresh fish. (SOLD 6 K£ before fees this painted model).


From June 4 to 7, Bowers and Merena is as usual the auction house associated with the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention. It presents 3000 lots to us, of which a gold coin of 1$ of 1854 (lot 3544, current bid 99 K$), (UNSOLD), a note of 10$ of 1901 with bison (75 K$, lot 2537), (SOLD 80.5 K$ including fees), a note of 5$ of 1923 with the effigy of Lincoln (30 K$, lot 2630). (UNSOLD).


For 150 K£ on July 8 in London, Sotheby's offers a portière of the Gobelins woven about 1690 according to a drawing of Le Brun. (SOLD 410 K£ including fees).