7 juin 2008

0806 Auction


On July 9 at Bonhams in London, a view of the Piazza del Popolo by van Wittel is estimated 500 K£. (SOLD 720 K£ before fees).


On June 24 at Christie's London, Nympheas by Monet (1x2 m, lot 16) are estimated £ 18 million. (SOLD 40.9 M£). We also have in this sale two pastels by Degas (£ 4 million, lot 9 (SOLD 13.5 M£) ; £ 2.8 million, lot 53 (SOLD 4 M£)), Flowers by Goncharova (£ 3.5 million, lot 65) (SOLD 5.5 M£) and two drawings by Schiele (2 M £, lot 61 (SOLD 1.9 M£) ; £ 1.7 million, lot 60 (SOLD 2.2 M£)). (Results include fees).

I had not yet seen Gustave Moreau this year: here is Sappho throwing herself from the rock of Lefkada, 82x65 cm, Lot 101 at Christie's Paris on June 26th (300 K €). (UNSOLD).

I began to survey this artist this year: Shishkin comes back with a pine forest, 79x107 cm, Lot 41 (400 K£) from the sale of Christie's in London on June 11. (SOLD 1.4 M£ including fees).

To find out about the value of Troubetzkoy, we need to be in London on June 12. Sotheby's sells a wide group of bronzes by this Russian prince. Top of low estimates is 50 K £. (SOLD including fees 35 and 25 K£, and five UNSOLD).

Then a small jump to New York to do the same thing the next day June 13 at Christie's with chryséléphantines of Chiparus. Top of low estimates is 250 K $. (top SOLD two sculptures 290 K$ each including fees).


Lot 96 of the sale of Phillips de Pury in New York on June 12 is a wall shelf of Perriand (400 K $). (UNSOLD). At 300 K$ each, by Newson, here is a desk (Lot 145) (SOLD 310 K$ including fees) and a console (Lot 146), (UNSOLD) both of 1996.

Several Nakashima furniture are sold at Skinner in Boston on June 28. The catalogue is not yet online. (UNSOLD a table by Myra Nakashima estimated 60 K$).

80 K €, this is the very reasonable price advanced by the Credit Municipal de Paris for a bench by Eileen Gray that had belonged to the artist, Lot 130 of the sale of June 27. (NOT PRESENTED).


Lot 221 of the sale of the Credit Municipal de Paris on June 26 is a red-figure crater from Attica 42 cm high, 2,450 years old (80 K €). (NOT PRESENTED).


While waiting for the catalogue, we have already noted three lots from the sale of RM Auctions in Monterey on 15 and 16 August: a Ferrari 250GT of 1958 (estimate on request to the auction house), (SOLD 4.5 M$ including fees), a 1929 Duesenberg roadster (1.4 M$) (SOLD 1.4 M$ including fees) and a Lamborghini Miura (825 K $). (SOLD 900 K$ including fees).

At Gooding at Pebble Beach on 16 and 17 August, there is a Ferrari 250GT California Spider of 1959. (SOLD 3.6 M$ including fees). At Scottsdale in January by the same auction house, a car of same description had been sold $ 3.3 million. Let us return to Pebble Beach with an Alfa Romeo of 1938 called the Sleeping Beauty after being hidden for thirty years in a castle. (SOLD 2.6 M$ including fees).


Dating from about 1690, a porcelain pot of Rouen is to be sold 100 K € on June 18 in Paris at Sotheby's. (SOLD 120 K€ including fees).


L'Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux in 10 volumes by Buffon is at 75 K € on June 20 at Drouot by Pierre Bergé et Associés. (SOLD 102 K€ before fees).


4 K£, it's not expensive for a letter from Nelson dealing with strategy. It is the lot 190 at Bonhams in London on June 24. The graphologists will appreciate his jerky writing. (SOLD 4.4 K£ before fees).

Guernsey's prepares to sell in Boston a baseball trophy from 1912. That year the championship was won by the Boston Red Sox. The date of the sale is not yet communicated. (SOLD 190 K$, probably before fees).


The position 21 of the Inverted Jenny sheet is on sale on June 7 at RA Siegel Auction Galleries in New York. (SOLD 400 K$ before fees).

A 21x26 cm sheet from August 1840 comprising 20 tests print in different colors and shades of the figure of 1 cent of Queen Victoria, annotated by the printer, is estimated 300 K£. It is the lot 7 from the sale of Spink on June 12 in London. (UNSOLD).