14 juin 2008

1506 Auction


A lively scene at the door of a mosque by Bauernfeind is estimated £ 1.5 million at Christie's London on July 2. (SOLD 2.5 M£ including fees).

It is the best period of modern art (1915): This oil on canvas by Severini representing a ballerina (100 x 81 cm) expects £ 7 million at Sotheby's in London on June 25 (Lot 21). (SOLD 15 M£ including fees). For the same price, £ 7 million, there is a Beach at Trouville by Monet (Lot 10). (SOLD 7.6 M£ including fees).

Two works by Bacon are presented on July 1 in London at Sotheby's. Portrait of George Dyer, with a bright orange stain on the cheek, is disturbing (estimate "on request", lot 11). (SOLD 13.7 M£ including fees). The other, a ghostly Turning Figure, is estimated £ 10 million (Lot 34). (UNSOLD).


In the sale of Sotheby's in London on July 1, a Basquiat (£ 4 million, lot 48) is included, (SOLD 5.1 M£ including fees) and also Prince with his Overseas Nurse (£ 4 million, lot 22). (SOLD 4.2 M£ including fees).

On 26 June, lot 36, the British auction house Bloomsbury Auctions presents a collective work on canvas done by Warhol, Basquiat and Clemente (£ 100 K).


On 18 June in London, Christie's sales English pieces of furniture: a Chippendale cabinet (£ 2.5 million, Lot 8), (SOLD 2.7 M£), a bookcase by the same (£ 1.5 million, lot 6), (SOLD 2.05 M£), a pair of armchairs by Chippendale on a drawing by Robert Adam (£ 1.5 million, lot 4), (SOLD 2.3 M£), another by Lawson also on a drawing of Adam (250 K £, lot 9). (SOLD 265 K£) (Results include fees).


On June 22 in San Francisco, Bonhams and Butterfields will try to sell at 90 K$ in a single lot tangle skeletons of five dinosaurs including three fairly complete. In the press release, a director of the auction house consider that this lot is "aesthetically pleasing". (UNSOLD). For only 35 K$, you are entitled to prefer the skull of a saber-toothed cat, which is another marvel of ancient times. (UNSOLD). A meteorite found in Russia is estimated 65 K$. (UNSOLD).
More original: in this sale are grouped some works and furniture made by Zee Haag from minerals or petrified trees. A coffee table could be worth 65 K$. (UNSOLD).


"At low tide," a 30 x 40 by Misonne, is for sale at Drouot on June 17 by Robert et Baille (12.5 K €, lot 67). (UNSOLD).