22 juin 2008

2206 Preview


On July 9 in London, Sotheby's sells a portrait of a sitting man by Frans Hals (47x37 cm, £ 3 million, lot 26) (SOLD 7.1 M£ including fees) and a beautiful riverside by Jan Brueghel the elder (oil on copper, 26x38 cm, 2.5 M£, lot 19). (SOLD 3.5 M£ including fees).

The same Brueghel made a painting in similar spirit, for sale at Christie's in London on July 8 (oil on copper, 33x50 cm, £ 1.2 million, lot 29). (UNSOLD). At number 38, his older brother Peter the younger offers a uncommon topic, the Bad shepherd (oil on panel, 74x105 cm, £ 1 million). (SOLD 2.5 M£ including fees).

On July 9 at Christie's London, Fuseli shows an unexpensive Vision of Deluge (254x210 cm, £ 80K, lot 209). (SOLD 500 K£ including fees).

More expensive but also more enjoyable to watch, an interesting view of Venice by Marieschi is expected at 500 K € by Hampel in Munich on July 4 (62x98 cm, lot 209). (SOLD 380 K€ before fees).


The original plaster of Corinth by Gérôme is presented by Sotheby's on June 25 in Paris (200 K €). (SOLD 450 K€ including fees).

Again a sculpture: a Dieu envolé by Claudel cast by Valsuani is estimated 120 K € at Cannes Enchères on July 6. (69 cm, lot 417). (SOLD 110 K€ before fees).

Gustave Moreau comes now in London, again at Christie's, on July 2: St Cecilia (oil, 65x54 cm, lot 205, £ 400 K) (UNSOLD) and Rêve d'Orient (watercolor and gouache, 25x17 cm, lot 204, £ 300 K) . (SOLD 360 K£ including fees).

The press release of the Sotheby's sale on June 25 in London has finally arrived. There is a still life by Cezanne (2.5 million £), (SOLD 4 M£ including fees), a painting by Miro which has never been exhibited (3 M £) (UNSOLD) and, much lower in the estimates, a very nice Nightclub by van Dongen (1.2 million £). (SOLD 1.3 M£ including fees). The paintings and sculptures by Alberto Giacometti continue to flow on the market. At the risk of exhausting? (SOLD a bronze 9.45 M£ including fees).

I am surprised that a Cubist oil on canvas of 1911-2 by Picasso, 55x38 cm, is estimated as low as 2 to 3 million £. This is lot 14 of the evening sale at Christie's in London on June 24. (SOLD 3.7 M£ including fees).


A reduced model of Angel of the North by Gormley, still 5.3 m wide, is sold by Sotheby's in London on July 1 (600 K£). (SOLD 2.3 M£ including fees). A sculpture from 2003 by Kapoor is more important than those presented since the beginning of the year. To be followed (1 M £). (SOLD 1.95 M£ including fees).

Lot 140 of the sale of Versailles Enchères on July 6 is a mixed oil, textile and jute canvas of 231x191 cm made in 2000 by an artist whom I had not yet spoken, Manolo Valdes (300 K €) . (SOLD 330 K€ before fees).


The service La Mer was produced in Quimper faience by Henriot on designs by Meheut. A set of 53 pieces is estimated at 25 K € by Thierry - Lannon on July 4 in Douarnenez (Lot 23).