29 juin 2008

2906 Preview


On July 9 in London, Sotheby's sells two drawings of the eighteenth century showing panoramas of Constantinople (30 K£ each, the largest measuring 1.5 m) (each SOLD 60 K£ including fees) and three drawings by Rubens. One of them is inspired by Giulio Romano (120 K £), (SOLD 250 K£ including fees), the other two are estimated 80 and 40 K £. (SOLD 97 and 55 K£ including fees).


A bureau by Montigny improved with a cartonnier is for sale at Christie's London on July 10 (700 K£). (UNSOLD).


At Bonhams, a Jaguar has attracted another: now the very first production specimen of Jaguar D (1955), for sale at Goodwood on July 11 (£ 2 million). (SOLD 2 M£ before fees).


Errors are common in the sale of stamps, more rare for coins. Heritage found a one cent coin cut (it seems) in a 1 / 2 cent plate. This monster is included in the sale to be held from July 30 to August 2 in Baltimore. (SOLD 3,2 K$ including fees). (SOLD a US coin of 1825, 690 K$ including fees).


On October 13 at Drouot Montaigne, Millon auctions 800 photographs by Blanc and Demilly. (SOLD 8,1 K€ each including fees two photos showing water drops).


On July 19 at Henley, Bonhams sells a superb steam engine on wheels built in 1840. Named Hercules, it is a model of a true locomotive (15 K £). (UNSOLD).


On July 23 in Knightsbridge, Bonhams sells a patriot bonnet of the French Revolution (3 K£) (SOLD 8.6 K£ before fees) and a marriage sword of King Zog (4 K£). (SOLD 9 K£ before fees).

On 11 and 12 July, Heritage organizes a sale in Dallas that specializes in posters and in midget window cards of movies. Flying down to Rio is represented in both categories, respectively at 12 K$ (Lot 28947) (SOLD 26 K$ including fees) and 7 K$ (Lot 28948) (SOLD 26 K$ including fees). For horror movies, see a poster of Godzilla in Japanese (12 K$, lot 28576). (SOLD 12 K$ including fees).


On July 9 in London at Bonhams, you find no less than ten dozen bottles of Chateau d'Yquem 2001, a great year. (SOLD nine lots at 3,5 K£ and one lot at 3,4 K£). Have also a look at the Chateau Lafite 1982 (14 K £ a dozen), (SOLD 16 K£), Mouton Rothschild 1986 (5 K £ a dozen), (UNSOLD), Cheval Blanc 1998 (6 K £ a dozen), (SOLD 4.4 K£) and Latour 2000 (6 K £ a dozen). (SOLD 7 K£).
(Prices before fees).

On July 19 at Cannes by Besch, Petrus is starring with six bottles of 1990 (13 K €) (SOLD 13.7 K€ before fees) and six in 1993 (5.3 K €).