26 juil. 2008

2707 Preview


There will be three major paintings by Boris Grigoriev at Sotheby's in New York on November 4. They are estimated $ 4 million (SOLD 3.2 M$ including fees), $ 2.5 million (SOLD 3.7 M$ including fees) and $ 600 K. (SOLD 1.1 M$ including fees).

For October 31 at Drouot, Aguttes announce in an ad in La Gazette de l'Hotel Drouot a nude by Vera Rockline, 92 x 74 cm. (SOLD 160 K€ including fees).

We will see on September 9 at Bonhams in Knightsbridge a painting by Pierneef showing baobab trees (£ 300 K) (SOLD 720 K£ before fees) and a very important group of works by Irma Stern, in the same price range. (SOLD before fees, 330 K£ a portrait and 300 K£ a still life).


Hirst sells the Golden Calf. It is full and in formaldehyde, and it is at Sotheby's in London on September 15 (£ 8 million). (SOLD 10.3 M£ including fees).


On September 8 in New York, Christie's sells a sofa by Ron Arad ($ 200 K) (SOLD 206 K$ including fees) and a table by Zaha Hadid ($ 150 K). (UNSOLD).


A rare sweet white Ming vase will be sold by Christie's in New York on September 17 ($ 600 K). (SOLD 2.7 M$ including fees).


In a sale devoted exclusively to the Rosenthal collection, Sotheby's will sell in New York on November 14 an exceptional pair of Senufo statues ($ 3 million), (SOLD 4 M$ including fees), a carved Sepik board ($ 500 K), (SOLD 1.3 M$ including fees), a male Moai from Easter Island (250 K $), (SOLD 610 K$ including fees) and other wonders.


Looking deep into my column you appreciate that Bonhams is the only auction house to have some humour. Their latest find, for sale in London on October 15, is a Roman marble that looks exactly like Elvis Presley. (SOLD 20 K£ before fees).


A pavilion of the Universal Exhibition of 1889 will be sold upon designation by Ader at Drouot on October 20. It measures 50x30 m, and is 15 m high. Its architect was Formigé (120 K €). (UNSOLD)


Some brands of old cars have become very rare on the market. Guided by RM Auctions press release, I selected at Meadow Brook on August 2 a Lozier of 1914 ($ 150 K, lot 243) (UNSOLD) and a Michigan of 1913 ($ 225 K, lot 251). (SOLD 155 K$ including fees). Looking random in the catalog, I found a Stevens-Duryea of 1913 (190 K $, lot 269). (SOLD 330 K$ including fees).

I offer a short tour to New Zealand, in Nelson more accurately, for a Spitfire of 1945 of the Royal Air Force, for sale by Bonhams & Goodman on September 14. (SOLD 2.8 MNZ$ before fees)


Seen on the site of the expert Theimer: a wooden doll manufactured circa 1774, with its costume from origin. This doll is also presented in an ad in La Gazette de l'Hotel Drouot by Lombrail et Teucquam, who sell it in Paris on September 27. (UNSOLD)


On October 4 at Pouancé, Artcurial disperse the collection of trees and shrubs of a professional gardener. (SOLD 19 K€ before fees an acer palmatum).


One of two guitars burned by Jimi Hendrix is to be found in London on September 4 at The Fame Bureau (£ 500 K). (SOLD 280 K£, probably before fees, from a low estimate of 250 K£).


For my first visit to the site of Quittenbaum in Munich, I chose a Murano glass of 1934 by Carlo Scarpa, for sale on September 2 (24 K €). (UNSOLD).