2 août 2008

0308 Preview


A rare landscape of Australia by John Glover will be sold by Sotheby's in Melbourne on August 25 (1.8 MA $, 74 x 114 cm, lot 45). (UNSOLD).

Another Hicks' Peaceable Kingdom! It is at Sotheby's in New York on September 26 ($ 2 million). (SOLD 1.3 M$ including fees).


Jackson Hole Art Auction estimate 350 K $ the portrait of an Indian sitting between pottery wares and busy making an arrow. This is an oil on canvas by Eanger Irving Couse, 61 x 74 cm, for sale on September 20 in Jackson, Wyoming. (SOLD 300 K$). Dated 1976, a painting showing an Indian with two ponies by Howard Terpning, 76 x 86 cm, is estimated 400 K $. (SOLD 625 K$). (These results are probably before fees).

To complete my visit to Sotheby's Melbourne, here is lot 28 of the auction sale of August 25: the portrait in bust of an adventurer of the bush painted by Russell Drysdale (1.8 MA$, 111 x 86 cm). (SOLD 1.9 MA$ including fees).


Sidharta Auctioneer announce as the highlight of its sale of 9 and 10 August in Jakarta an oil on canvas made between 1978 and 1981 by Hendra Gunawan, curious figurative composition of 95 x 145 cm, entitled Mother and Child with Papaya Seller, estimated 1 billion Rp (Lot 27 of the sale of 9 August). Do not panic, this figure represents approximately U.S. $ 100 K. (SOLD 975 MRp before fees).


On 2 October in Paris at Sotheby's, important pieces of furniture come from a collection. There is a table console Régence attributed to the Boulle's (600 K €) (SOLD 860 K€ including fees), a pair of Louis XVI cabinets stamped by Levasseur (500 K €) (SOLD 1,1 M€ including fees) and a Louis XVI secretary with Wedgwood plates stamped by Weisweiler (300 K €). (SOLD 500 K€ including fees).

The sale of English furniture by Sotheby's New York on September 26 surprises us by its very open estimates, due perhaps to the fact that this is an estate sale. There are, for example, estimated each between 300 and 800 K$, a Chippendale chair (SOLD 370 K$ including fees) and an American desk bookcase. (UNSOLD).


In Paris at Sotheby's on October 2, it is difficult to make a choice between a pair of Louis XVI candelabra attributed to Thomire with bronze after Boizot (800 K €) (SOLD 1.4 M€ including fees), a Louis XV garniture in blue porcelain from China (700 K €), (SOLD 1.1 M€ including fees), a pair of Louis XV vases pots pourris in celadon porcelain of China (700 K €) (SOLD 1 M€ including fees) and a pair of swans of Meissen by Kändler (250 K €). (SOLD 660 K€ including fees)


Three auction houses share the sale room of Drouot Montaigne on September 12 to sell art Pre Colombian art. Companies Binoche and Renaud - Giquello present in collaboration two masks of Teotihuacan (160 K €, lot 82; 120 K €, lot 81). (UNSOLD or CANCELLED). By Pierre Bergé company, the Maya culture is represented by a royal portrait of 78 cm in limestone and stucco (600 K €, lot 6) and a tripod vase (150 K €, Lot 5). (probably CANCELLED).


The top estimated lot in the sale of Sotheby's at Gleneagles Hotel on August 25 is a pair of 2004 guns in their box by Luciano Bosis engraved by Laura Galeazzi (£ 70 K, lot 75). (UNSOLD).


Six racing cars of Lotus brand continue competition at Bonhams & Goodman in Sydney on November 16. One of them, which was driven by Jim Clark, is estimated $ 1.1 MA. (SOLD 1.35 MA$ before fees).


On November 5, at Drouot, Camard devotes a sale to the contemporary Japanese ceramics. The estimates are between 600 and 5000 €. (top SOLD 12 K€ before fees)


The Knight, Death and Devil, of course by Dürer, 24 x 18 cm, is estimated at $ 15 K by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago on September 7. (SOLD 66 K$ including fees).


Here is at Christie's in New York on September 9 an early work by Cindy Sherman, of the Stills series (1978, $ 300 K). (SOLD 900 K$ including fees).


A weather vane will show where the wind is blowing from, at the Americana sale at Sotheby's in New York in January ($ 3 million).


A concert costume of Elvis Presley is expected at 275 K $ (Lot 242) by GottaHaveIt in New York on August 6. (SOLD 300 K$ including fees). The talisman necklace of John Lennon, lot 38, is estimated 500 K $. (SOLD 530 K$ including fees). The previous lot, 37, is a military tunic that John mockingly wore in 1966: 300 K $. (SOLD 360 K$ including fees). Lot 486 of the same sale, for $ 60 K, is a blue jeans worn by Marilyn Monroe in the film The River of No Return. (UNSOLD).