9 août 2008

1008 Preview


Koller sells in Zurich on 19 September flowers by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder (oil on copper, 26 x 18 cm, 2.5 MCHF). (SOLD 5 MCHF before fees). There will also be in this sale two paintings by Pieter Brueghel the Younger (700 and 600 KCHF). (SOLD 700 KCHF before fees ; UNSOLD)


On September 19 in Zurich, Koller presents a large painting of Aivazovski (2 MCHF). (SOLD 2.2 MCHF before fees)

A landscape of Belle-Ile painted by the Australian impressionist John Russell during his stay in France is waiting for 1 MA$ at Bonhams & Goodman in Melbourne on August 26. (SOLD 1.3 MA$ before fees).


A scroll of 5.30 m entitled Along the Yangtze River (1990) is sold by the artist himself, Wu Guangzhong, in Hong Kong at Sotheby's on October 6, for the benefit of a foundation created in his name at the Tsinghua University in Beijing. (SOLD 15.8 MHK$ including fees).


An Imperial scroll for the glory of Qianlong comes at Sotheby's in Hong Kong on October 8. (80 MHK$). (SOLD 68 MHK$ including fees).


Koller, auction house of Switzerland (Zurich) is proud to present important clocks at each of its sales. On 18 September, we will have a clock "Love and the Child" with carillon, signed by Robert Osmond, Paris 1775-85 (150 KCHF) (SOLD 150 KCHF before fees) and a clock with musical automate "The Smoker", Directoire / Empire, Parisian workshop 1800/10 (160 KCHF). (?) See also Clock.


Among the cars for sale by RM Auctions in London on October 29 in association with Sotheby's, let us highlight a Horch 853 of 1938 (£ 1.5M) (SOLD 1.1 M£ including fees) and a Bugatti Atalante 57C of the same year (£ 560 K). (SOLD 660 K£ including fees).


You may ask what is the value of Tintin au Pays des Soviets. A copy of the 9th thousand with worn out cover is at 9 K € by Néret-Minet etTessier at Drouot on September 22 (Lot 236). (UNSOLD).


The collection of 15 prints with their frontispiece of the Carceri d'invenzione, Roma by Piranesi is estimated at 45 K €. It is the lot 2048 of the sale by Galateau at Lascaux on August 28. (likely UNSOLD).


At Koller in Zurich on September 18 is presented an astronomical clock made circa 1625 in Ulm (100 KCHF). (UNSOLD). See also Furnishings.


An interesting collection of bronze Gothic seals is going to Drouot on September 24 at Libert. The low estimates peak at 2 K €. (top SOLD 3.1 K€ before fees).