20 sept. 2008

2109 Preview


In Amsterdam at Sotheby's on October 15, I considered two winter landscapes, by Koekkoek (300 K €) (UNSOLD) and Schelfhout (300 K €) (UNSOLD).


Christie's begins to give details on their sales of November in New York. On November 6, the top works are signed Kandinsky ($ 15 million), (SOLD 17 M$ including fees), Gris ($ 12.5 million) (SOLD 21 M$ including fees) and Giacometti ($ 14 million). (SOLD 11.5 M$ including fees).

An oil on canvas by Anglada Camarasa is estimated € 1.5 million by Christie's in Madrid on October 2 (104 x 191 cm, lot 44). (UNSOLD).

Heffel present in Toronto on November 19 an oil on canvas made in 1951 by Riopelle (1 MCAN$, 127 x 164 cm). (SOLD 1.6 MCan$ including fees).

On October 20 in London, I noted in the sale of Italian art organized by Christie's an installation by Pino Pascali (£ 1.5 million) (UNSOLD) and an achrome by Piero Manzoni (£ 1.5 million). (SOLD 1.6 M£ including fees).

A blue abstract painting by Ad Reinhardt is estimated 1.75 million by Heritage. It will be in December in Dallas (December 12). (UNSOLD)


On November 12 at Christie's in New York, a fantastic sculpture by Murakami is expected at $ 5 million. (SOLD 3.4 M$ including fees)

Christie's sells in Zurich on December 1 an installation of Fischli and Weiss in two showcases of 145 x 145 x 57 cm (900 KCHF). The Swiss believe that this lot is a major work of their contemporary art. (SOLD 1 MCHF including fees)

Kate Moss as an artist is unexpected, and it is at Lyon and Turnbull in London on September 27, with a lipstick and blood on canvas (122 x 91 cm, £ 30 K, lot 160) (SOLD 28 K£ before fees).


Néret-Minet and Tessier, who operate in Paris, had the good idea to form a catalog of the highlights of their fall sales. It shows for November 21 a bureau de pente Louis XV with complications. It is attributed to Landrin and stamped by Migeon (300 K €). (UNSOLD)

By Coutau-Bégarie in Paris on October 15, a secrétaire de pente attributed to BVRB and stamped by Migeon is estimated 350 K€, lot 179. (UNSOLD)


An article appeared in my networks, just before the Christie's sale on September 17 devoted to bottles of Chinese tobacco. (SOLD 420 K$ including fees a miniature gourde).


An order of St Andrew in gold, silver and diamonds 10 x 7 cm is estimated 230 K € by San Giorgio in Genoa on October 18 (sale 005-I, lot 417). (SOLD 800 K€, probably before fees)


The headless Roman marble statue that Christie's sells in London on October 13 is about 2,000 years old (700 K£, Lot 189, 140 cm). (UNSOLD).


Bonhams and Butterfields expects 300 K$ on a Colt revolver by Texas Paterson in San Francisco on November 17. (SOLD 375 K$ before fees)


At Stafford on 19 October for 400 K$ (220 K£), Bonhams sells a racing motorcycle of Vincent brand. (SOLD 200 K£ before fees)


Christie's sells two diamonds carved out of one gem, on October 15 in New York. They weigh 102 carats (SOLD 4.1 M$ including fees) and 70 carats (SOLD 2.1 M$ including fees).


I had just reminded in an article of the Vampires by Munch, and one of them is coming, at Sotheby's in London on October 2! (300 K£, lot 81). (SOLD 325 K£ inluding fees).


We have more information on the sale of Sotheby's in New York on 14 and 15 October. There is a nude of Tina Modotti by Edward Weston (250 K$), (SOLD 300 K$ including fees), a detail of a flower by Imogen Cunningham (150 K$), (UNSOLD), a moonrise by Ansel Adams ( 200 K$), (SOLD 360 K$ including fees), Mudmen by Irving Penn (250 K$), (UNSOLD), and also a Stills by Cindy Sherman (300 K $).(UNSOLD)