11 oct. 2008

1210 Preview


American lovers of Bouguereau will be made happy in New York:
First at Christie's on Oct. 22: $ 1.5 million, lot 135 (UNSOLD) ; $ 1.2 million, lot 134. (UNSOLD)
Then at Sotheby's on Oct. 23: $ 2.2 million, lot 66 (UNSOLD) ; $ 1.5 million, lot 63 (UNSOLD) ; $ 900 K, lot 64. (SOLD 1.6 M$ including fees)

The ten skulls of Warhol that Sotheby's will sell altogether in London on October 17 have the distinction of having been united by a collector friend of the artist, and not by Warhol himself. These are paintings in acrylic and ink on canvas (£ 5 million, lot 20). (SOLD 4.3 M£ including fees).


An amazing Boxer by Basquiat is at Christie's in New York on November 12. An indiscretion of the press (Associated Press) is talking about $ 12 million. (SOLD 13.5 M$ including fees)

Sales of Arabic and Iranian art show always good surprises. For lack of better criterion to offer you a choice, I present you with the two lots that Christie's has set in the first page of his release for the sale of October 30 in Dubai: an oil on canvas by Zenderoudi (195x130 cm, 400 KUS $ , Lot 57) (UNSOLD) and a mixed technique by British artists Noble and Webster (102x203x10 cm, 250 KUS $ Lot 99). (SOLD 300 KUS$ including fees). The work of Zenderoudi is particularly well represented in this sale.


There are two Louis XVI pieces of furniture stamped by Riesener on October 22 at Sotheby's in Paris: a secretary (600 K €, lot 100) (UNSOLD) and a commode (400 K €, lot 99). (UNSOLD)


Dating from 1590, a cup by John Spilman is estimated £ 500 K at Christie's in London on November 25. (SOLD 580 K£ including fees). A basket made in 1579 expects £ 300 K. (UNSOLD)


SOLD: A Colt Walker pistol dating from the 1840s was sold $ 800 K before fees on 6 / 7 October by James D. Julia auction house in Fairfield, Maine.

The sale of Artcurial on November 5 in Paris is devoted to ancient arms, with a pistolet à rouet of Rudolph II of Habsburg (120 K €), (UNSOLD), an arquebus also from 16th century (60 K €) (UNSOLD) and a sword offered for honour to général d'Hautpoul (40 K €). (SOLD 100 K€ including fees).


At Sotheby's in Geneva on November 19, the deep blue diamond pear shaped (briolette) of 10.48 carats is superb, for 6 MUS $. It is one of the highlights that Sotheby's has just exhibited in Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. (UNSOLD)


This is not the same as the example sold 550 K € before fees by Sotheby's on October 2! Here are a pair of swans by Kändler in Meissen porcelain, mounted in candelabra, at Bonhams and Butterfields in San Francisco on October 27 (125 K $, 16119 sale, Lot 3258). (SOLD 110 K$ before fees). The height of the porcelains is 23 cm, the pieces of Sotheby's were 33 cm high including the base.


On November 17 in Geneva, at Christie's, the star lot is a pocket watch by Patek Philippe made in 1932 (700 KCHF). (SOLD 840 KCHF including fees)


For my first operational visit to the site of James D. Julia in Fairfield, I present you with Lukat the lucky cat, a lying cat used as a coin-operated gambling device. It is worth $ 9 K in a sale of toys and collectibles on November 20. (SOLD 9.2 K$ including fees)


Lot 1 from the sale of Zisska and Schauer on November 5 in Munich is a rare example of paleography: sheets of the Vulgate which are dated from the fifth or sixth Century (12 K €). (SOLD 145 K€ before fees). Lot 232, an incunabulum printed in Ulm in 1474, expects 25 K €. (SOLD 28 K€ before fees).

On October 16 at Heritage in Dallas, we see a copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493, at 75 K $ (lot 91,190). This book often get higher results in Europe but in auction houses that do not publish press releases ... (UNSOLD)


A microscope from Louis XV time in gilt bronze is worth 700 K €. It is the lot 65 of Sotheby's sale in Paris on October 22. (SOLD 900 K€ including fees).

In one of the best specialist houses, WestLicht in Vienna, on November 30 we find a photo-book by Scovill and Adams (60 K €) (SOLD 40.5 K€ before fees) and an Escopette of Darier (40 K €). (SOLD 42.5 K€ before fees). A dismountable camera obscura made in 1752 is estimated 6 K €. (SOLD 4.6 K€ before fees).


Lot 68 of Sotheby's sale in Paris on October 22 is a Savonnerie carpet from a cartoon of Perrot (€ 2.5 million). (SOLD 2.5 M€ including fees)


A box of 100 cigars from before the Kennedy embargo on Cuba is for sale on October 16 in London at Christie's (£ 8 K). (UNSOLD)

Although the abuse of all these things is harmful to health, you can then go to Edinburgh on November 12 and buy old whiskey at Bonhams. A bottle of Glencadam from before the American prohibition (SOLD 2.7 K£ before fees) and a Balvenie of 1937 (SOLD 2.7 K£ before fees) are worth £ 3 K each.