6 déc. 2008

0712 Preview


A work of Parmigianino estimated 500 K € leads the collection of drawings of Robert Lebel that will be sold at Sotheby's Paris on March 26.


Result: € 5 million costs included for a drawing by Seurat, at Sotheby's in Paris on December 3.

On 10 December, Sotheby's in Paris sells two paintings by Soulages, lots 5 and 8, 800 and 500 K €. They have the same size (130 x 162 cm) but the first one is dated 1958 (SOLD 1.5 M€ including fees) and the other one 1965. (UNSOLD)


A Staircase by Szafran (watercolour) is estimated at 250 K € by Versailles Enchères, Lot 203 of the sale of 14 December. (SOLD 206 K€ including fees)


Antique jewelry is interesting specialists. In the sale of Christie's in New York on December 9, I noticed a pair of Assyrian earrings at 45 K $ (sale 2057, lot 215). (WITHDRAWN) (SOLD 80 K$ including fees a pair of Hellenistic bracelets)


Again some objects from the Guimet collection, at Sotheby's, this time in Paris on December 18: a Qianlong seal is estimated € 800 K (Lot 5). (UNSOLD)


At Tajan in Paris on December 10, Lot 138 is a bureau of Dupré-Lafon, estimated 400 K €. (SOLD 620 K€ including fees). Lot 141 is a sofa by the same designer (250 K €). (SOLD 310 K€ including fees)

The lot featured among the furniture made in 2008 for sale at Wright in Chicago on Dec. 9 is a seat of Zaha Hadid, Lot 102, 250 K $. (UNSOLD)


An elevator enclosure by Adler and Sullivan will be sold on Dec. 18 by Sotheby's in New York, Lot 105, 250 K $. (SOLD 600 K$ including fees)


Bonhams announced in its sale in London on December 9 one of the first pendulum clocks, dated between 1658 and 1662 (25 K £ press release, 15 K £ catalog, lot 145). (SOLD 26 K£ before fees)


A "pebble" table lamp of Tiffany illuminates the sale of Sotheby's in New York on December 18: Lot 10, 300 K $. (SOLD 750 K$ including fees)